Keep It Clean Janitorial Service, Athens, Alabama

You have been like a mentor to me in my business and I have gained a lot of knowledge from you all which has helped me to excel in my business, and to get to where I am now. You opened up ways for some business, and I have received numerous floor cleaning, carpet shampooing, stripping and waxing, as well as buffing jobs from you. I became more knowledgeable about bidding and when I call you, you help me with bidding. Thank you; I will become a certified member soon.

Bobby Redus

Vaughn’s Cleaning Service, Decatur, Alabama

I wouldn’t be where I am today in my business if it wasn’t for you guys at NACBC. You got me started with my business before I even became a certified member. You helped me with bidding, and I appreciate all that you have done for me with a long-term contract and the proposal package for Honda. Thank you and I became a certified member.

Elizabeth Vaughn

Andrew Rodriguez

I purchased your 8-volume set and it has helped me to know more about this business than I ever did before. You all have really helped me especially when I attended your trainings last year. Thank you, I couldn’t do without this information you have given me, and my business is growing even more since the recession.


Marilyn Stevenson
Thank you NACBC for the licensed software “bidding and estimating to make a profit”, it has really helped me with bidding for new janitorial business.


I ordered your facility manager CD and it has helped my cleaning business to retain the contracts for a long time with my customers. I am glad you have this company because it’s much needed in this industry.

R. Jenkins
Memphis, TN

This is a wonderful one of a kind program, I wish I had known more about it five years ago, and I would have been more ahead today. It’s a wonderful program.

Atlanta, GA

I visited your website and ordered the how to start or expand CD, general cleaning and account management, and the calculating software, and during your last promotion you sent me the facility manager free. I appreciate it because this is what I need for my janitorial cleaning business. I run my business out of my home, and I didn’t know how to load my software properly and you sent your liaisons down on a Saturday to help me. You have Great Service, unlike any others I’ve known too!

Nashville, TN

Basically, it seem like it’s a pretty good business. I see a lot of hard work was put into this company. I will visit your website more and check it out to see how your programs can help me.

Atlanta, GA